01/02/2020: Logging Complaints - Servicing and Interim Call Center

Customer Experience and the Interim Call Center Team will begin logging complaints daily as received. 

· Definition of a complaint is explained below

· A shared spreadsheet will be used to log complaints

· Managers will review this information daily and upload to the Fairway Complaints Portal as applicable

Read and become familiar with the definition below, then click the link to view examples of complaint types on the Servicing911 page in KnowledgeOwl. The Servicing911 page in KnowledgeOwl will also contain procedures and content for the Interim Call Center Team. 

It will not be necessary to focus on the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 differences that will be referenced. This is for management reference.

It will be important to keep the shared spreadsheet open throughout the day and to log complaint information while on the call or immediately after the call ends. This is designed as a shared spreadsheet so multiple users can update and save information at the same time.

Upon hearing an expressed complaint during a call, please log the required information on the shared spreadsheet. A link to the sheet and instructions are shown below. Make sure to press the Save button every time you log a complaint on the shared spreadsheet.

Definition of a complaint:

A complaint is defined as a consumer’s expression of dissatisfaction with a product, service, policy or employee related to a company with which they have a business relationship, or a consumer’s inquiry or question (or pattern of consumer inquires and questions) that shows a potential issue in communication or implementation of consumer protection policies.

  • A complaint is not dependent upon a determination of validity, rather it is the allegation (whether or not accurate) which causes it to be subject to Fairway’s Corporate Complaint Management Policy.
  • The handling and tracking of a complaint applies to Fairway and any vendor or third party service provider engaged by and acting on behalf of Fairway.

Click here to view examples of complaints in KnowledgeOwl, along with additional related information. 

Click here for the procedures to log complaints on the Interim Call Center Complaints Log Spreadsheet.

Input the information described below in the corresponding field on the spreadsheet when logging a complaint. 

Date Entered: Input today’s date – the date the logged on the spreadsheet

Complainant Name: Name of person reporting complaint to Fairway

Is Complainant the Borrower?: Yes or No

Employee Name: Employee logging complaint

Property State: Two letter State abbreviation

Loan Number: 10 digit loan number

Source: Borrower, Loan Officer, or Other

How Received: Email, Mail, or Phone

Description of Complaint: Input text and specific information regarding the complaint

Loan Type: Conventional, FHA, USDA/RHS, or VA

· Locate this information on the SER1 screen by viewing the TYPE field

Investor: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, or Private Investor

· Locate this information on the MAS1 INV1 screen by viewing the INV HDR field

Servicing Status: Retained serviced by ServiceMac or Servicing Released

Servicing Categories: Select one of the following – Payment, Escrow, PMI, Technology, Quality of Service, Loan Transfer, Year End 1098, Payoff/Lien Release, Delinquent Loan, Social Media, Credit Reporting, Privacy Breach

See your Manager or Lead if you have any questions.