01/04/2020: E-Statements Paperless Billing

Customers may elect to enroll in E-Statements.  This is a paperless option where statements are only available by logging in to the  Customer Web Portal www.myfairwayservicing.com.

Customers must enroll in the E-Statements Paperless Billing option to view statements online.

To determine if customers are enrolled in E-Statements:

  • MSP Screen: MAS1 ECON
  • Field: BILLING
    • A code of “P” in this field indicates enrollment in E-Statements

At this time customers must enroll or delete enrollment in E-Statements by logging into the Customer Web Portal.  An updated procedure will be available soon to allow Customer Experience team members to update this preference while on a phone call.  This will be communicated as soon as it is available.

This information has been added to the Cashiering section in KnowledgeOwl and can be located by searching “E-Statements” or “Paperless”.

Please see your Manager or Lead if you have any questions.