01/07/2020: Resume Using MSP Director Script for Recurring Monthly ACH

Access to maintenance the fields on the MAS1 DFT1 screen has been restored.  Please resume using the MSP Director Script to add, change, or delete information regarding Recurring Monthly ACH.  Discontinue using the temporary email process.  

It is extremely important to understand this MSP Director Script is for use with the Monthly Recurring Draft program only and does not apply to Bi-Weekly Payment customers.  

Customer Experience Specialists are not permitted at any time to manually add, change or delete any information relating to the Bi-Weekly Payment Draft program.  Even though system access allows maintenance to these fields, procedures do not allow for team members to manually update any field relating to a Bi-Weekly Payment Draft.  A separate communication will be sent regarding updates to the Bi-Weekly Payment Draft procedures.

Click here to view the ACH Add, Change or Delete procedure in KnowledgeOwl.