01/20/2021: Key Dates for Interim Servicing Year End Have Changed

Key dates for printing and mailing 1098 and 1099 year end statements for interim and transferred servicing loans have changed since year end training.  

This also impacts the date these statement images will be viewable to customers on FairwayNEXT.com and internally in FICS and Radstar.

Mailing of 1098 and 1099 statements: moved to Friday 01/22/2021 from Tuesday 01/19/2021.

Images viewable on FairwayNEXT.com, FICS and Radstar: moved to Monday 01/25/2021 from Thursday 01/21/2021.

This information has been updated in the Year End 2020 section of KnowledgeOwl for Interim Call Center and Servicing 911.  Contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.