01/27/2021: Interim Loans - Year End Statements Update

FairwayNEXT.com communication referenced the availability of 1098 statements

A communication was sent to all Fairway employees from Kim Yowell yesterday (01/26/2021) referencing that customers may register their FairwayNEXT account to view and retrieve copies of their 1098 statements.  

Customers with the following loan scenarios will not have access to view this information:

  • Retained servicing loans (ServiceMac) cannot obtain loan data on FairwayNEXT.com
  • Some bond and agency programs
  • Second liens
  • Challenged inventory loans 
  • Loans that pay in full during interim servicing prior to transferring

There is a small population of loans that have access to FairwayNEXT, but the loans are only viewable internally in Encompass and did not board to FICS.  Customers whose loans are in this scenario will not be able to view their year-end documents on FairwayNEXT.

Locate the complete list of exception loans not viewable in FairwayNEXT.com by viewing the FairwayNEXT section in KnowledgeOwl for Interim Call Center and Servicing911, or Click Here.

The FairwayNEXT.com website is experiencing a significant increase in traffic and usage

Customers and Fairway employees may experience intermittent periods of unavailability – usually less than a minute – as traffic to the website has significantly increased.

Visits to FairwayNEXT.com increased the following:

  • Monday 1/25 website traffic increased 67% from the previous Monday
  • Tuesday 1/26 website traffic increased 53% from the previous Tuesday

Should customers or Fairway employees inquire about this, please advise them to refresh the web page and they should be able to access the FairwayNEXT content.

Additional updates on year end statements for interim servicing loans will be provided daily this week and as new information is received.