01/29/2020: Updating Phone Numbers - LCOM Screen

The procedure for Updating Phone Numbers has been updated in KnowledgeOwl.  Click here to view the Updating Telephone Numbers section.  

This is an extensive update from the previously published procedure, and there are important changes and new steps in these updated processes to become familiar with.  

Review each section referenced below for specific important details.

The updated KnowledgeOwl content contains the following articles:

  • Comprehensive Overview – full documented procedure for updating land line numbers, cell phone numbers and revoking cell phone consent

  • Add or Update Cell Phone Number – required verbatim disclosure to obtain consent that has to be read to and acknowledged by customers, tracking codes and comment codes specific to cell phone number updates

Be sure to take time to become familiar with this information and know where to view this for quick reference.

Please see your Manager or Lead if you have any questions.