02/11/2020: Loans Not Viewable in FairwayNEXT Content Has Been Updated

The information in this newsflash applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing Transferred loans.

Content in the Loans Not Viewable in FairwayNEXT section has been updated in KnowledgeOwl for Servicing911 & Interim Call Center and in KnowledgeOwl viewed by Loan Officers.  

Updated content includes:

  • Clarifying explanation about loans with Retained Servicing not viewable on FairwayNEXT
  • Loans that transfer to specific Servicers, Subservicers or Agencies will not have the option to make an one time online payment but will be able to view servicing transfer details – list included
  • The conditions which result in no loan information being viewable on FairwayNEXT

Please read and become familiar with the content in this section.  

Click here to view this content in the Servicing911 and Interim Servicing KnowledgeOwl.