02/12/2021: Retained Servicing - My Fairway Servicing Web Portal has been Updated

Effective Friday February 12, 2021, the enhancements listed below have been implemented on www.MyFairwayServicing.com, the website for retained servicing customers.

Paid in full customers and those whose loans transferred to Flagstar Bank have access to the website to retrieve a copy of their 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement.  

  • Customers may view, download and print the statement
  • Customers will use their previously established username and password, and they are able to use the self-serve password reset feature if they forgot their password
  • New registrations for paid in full and transferred customers will not be accepted – this means if customers did not register on the web portal prior to paying in full or transferring, they will not be able to register now

The “Request a Payoff” feature on the home page of the website no longer permits a payoff quote request from processing for loans transferred to Flagstar Bank.  

  • The message below will appear when a customer or a third party attempts to request a quote on a transferred loan