02/17/2021: Retained Servicing Loans: Viewing Corrected 1098 Statements

Corrected 1098 mortgage interest statements generated by ServiceMac for retained servicing loans are viewable in DMS and logged in MSP.  View loan number 2010002362 as an example of a loan with a corrected 1098 statement generated.

To view corrected 1098 statements in DMS:

  • Locate the 1098 Corrected file in the Year End Folder

When the pdf file appears in this folder, the corrected 1098 statement will also be available to customers on the MyFairwayServicing web portal.

The PL05 screen in MSP will be updated to reflect the date the corrected 1098 statement was mailed to the customer.  

  • Reference the date on the far right of the entry for the mailing date
  • In this example, the statement was mailed to the customer 02/10/21

Note: PL05 is manually updated one day a week with all items generated since the last update.