03/30/2020: MSP Director Script for Customers Impacted by COVID-19

The information in this newsflash applies to Retained Servicing loans.  

A new MSP Director Script has been created for use when speaking with customers impacted by COVID-19 and inquiring about assistance options.

View the step-by-step flow of this script in KnowledgeOwl by clicking here.  

Begin using this script immediately for all calls relating to this topic.  

Select Disaster from the Select Director Script drop-down box in MSP to launch the script.


For Immediately Impacted Customers, this MSP Director Script provides talking points and will take the following system actions:

  • Establish a Three Month Forbearance plan and provide verbiage to read to customers
  • Request user input of updated customer contact information
  • Set up the Forbearance Plan on the DLQ2 screen
  • Suppress Late Fee Assessment on the SAF1 Screen
  • Suppress Negative Credit Reporting on the MAS1/CBR1 Screen
  • Generate a Forbearance Letter viewable on the PL05 Screen
  • Update the Disaster Tracking Workstation on the DTL1 Screen

For customers not immediately impacted, this MSP Director Script will provide talking points and document applicable information in the system.  Simply follow all prompts and pop-up windows.

The script will automatically log the correct comment code and open the correct task as applicable.

The KnowledgeOwl path to view this information is: 

  • Home page
  • COVID-19 Impacts and Assistance
  • Retained Servicing
  • Retained Servicing – Director Script for COVID-19 Assistance

Be sure to read the KnowledgeOwl procedure for all the applicable details.

Please see your manager or lead if you have questions.