04/07/2020: Disaster Loss Mitigation Waterfalls

Servicing created and published Disaster Loss Mitigation Waterfalls to provide a visual explanation of the available Forbearance Plan and assistance options for customers impacted by COVID-19.  

  • These Waterfalls illustrate the process for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac loans and for Government Loans
  • This information was shared with All Fairway Employees and discussed on an All Company Call on Tuesday 04/07/2020

The Waterfalls are published in the KnowledgeOwl viewed by Servicing Team Members and in the KnowledgeOwl viewed by Fairway Loan Officers and Branch Employees – also known as “The Street”.

Note:  These Waterfalls do not indicate any changes to current procedures or available options.  This a visual representation of current processes and assistance that is available at this time.

Please see your manager or lead if you have questions.