05/07/2020: Customer Email Communication Regarding the New MyFairwayServicing.com Website Will Be Sent

Update:  The customer email referenced in the newsflash below was sent at 9:00 a.m. Central Time today (05/07/2020) instead of yesterday (05/06/2020). 

Information in this newsflash applies to Retained Servicing Loans.

The MyFairwayServicing.com website is being enhanced with a new look, added self-service options, and additional interactive features.  The new design of the site is scheduled to go-live in early June 2020.  Retained Servicing customers who provided consent to receive email communication from Fairway will receive a series of messages during May.  These emails will provide a preview of the new website, tutorial videos, and step-by-step instructions about signing on to the new website for the first time.

The first in the series of customer emails is scheduled to be sent today (05/06/2020).  Click on the file attached to this Newsflash to view a copy of this email.

Customers are scheduled to receive emails on the following dates (subject to change):

  • May 6, 2020 – “Coming Soon ….”
  • May 20, 2020 – “MyFairwayServicing Inside Look with Video Tutorial”
  • May 26, 2020 – “Portal Update – Password Reset How To / FYI” 
  • Early June 2020 – “MyFairwayServicing Portal Update and Go Live”
  • Additional email communications may be added to this schedule

A few key changes and important customer impact points are listed below:

  • Customers will keep the same Username they established
  • Customers will be prompted to change their Password the first time they log in to the enhanced website
  • Customers who saved their routing and account number for use when remitting a one-time payment online must re-enter this information the first time they make a payment on the enhanced site as this data will not transfer – once re-entered they will have the option to save this data for future use
  • Future dated One-time draft transactions scheduled on the current website will still process as requested
  • Customers enrolled in Monthly Recurring Auto-Draft (ACH) and Bi-Weekly Draft will not experience any impact to their payment processing 

Comprehensive training material and KnowledgeOwl reference content is being developed.  Customer Experience team members will attend training sessions during the week of May 18, 2020.  More information regarding the points described above and a detailed walkthrough of the new website will be provided during training.

If customers call regarding receipt of today’s email, be familiar with the content in the customer communication (view the attachment to this Newsflash) and advise the following:

  • We are enhancing the MyFairwayServicing.com website to provide the best self-serve online customer experience possible
  • The new site will go live in early June and watch for additional emails announcing the go-live date
  • The web address will remain the same and customers will keep the Username they already created
  • A password reset will be required the first time customers log in to the new site 
  • Fairway will send additional emails to customers during May with tutorial videos and step-by-step instructions to ensure this is a seamless transition for all

In addition to customer emails, a series of communications will be sent to The Street (Fairway Loan Officers and Employees) in order to educate internal team members about the new website.  A copy of the first internal communication distributed on Monday May 4, 2020 is shown below.  

Watch for additional Servicing Newsflash communications in the coming days to learn more details and key information about the new and enhanced MyFairwayServicing.com website.

 Please see your Manager or Team Lead if you have questions.

Shown below is a copy of the All Fairway Internal Communication distributed by Kim Yowell on May 4, 2020

Servicing Announcement – May 4, 2020

An Enhanced Online Experience for Retained Servicing Customers!

To continue providing a premier level of service to our customers with Fairway retained servicing loans (subserviced by ServiceMac in the name of Fairway), Servicing is excited to announce our new customer portal coming in the first week of June!

It is the same website address www.MyFairwayServicing.com with a new look, added self-service options and exciting interactive features.  Our user friendly portal continues to provide 24/7 access for our customers to their mortgage loan information with an increased level of educational topics and tools that empower customers to better manage their loan.  


A series of four customer emails will be sent during the month of May and at launch in early June to our Retained Servicing customers about the enhanced web portal.  These emails will preview the new design and functionality to our customers with video tutorials and step-by-step instructions to ensure this is a seamless transition for all

Customers will receive their first email on Wednesday May 6, 2020.  Please click on the attached file to view a copy of this communication.



  • Customers keep their same User ID 
  • A Password Reset must be performed on their first login
  • Customized Notifications and Alerts do not transfer – customers will reselect these
  • Email instructions and video tutorials will be sent to customers during the month of May


  • Servicing will email communications to The Street during May that will include copies of instructional messages and video tutorials - that will also be sent to customers - explaining the new benefits and features of the enhanced site
  • Fairway’s Customer Experience Team will be fully prepared to assist customers as needed


  • Customers can call or email a Customer Experience Specialist if they need help
  • Fairway Loan Officers and employees can email Servicing911@fairwaymc.com for assistance


This communication is for internal use to provide you with information to assist your customers - not approved to post on social media.