05/20/2020: COVID-19 Disaster Loss Mitigation Waterfall has been Updated

The COVID-19 Disaster Loss Mitigation Waterfall has been updated.  This outlines the assistance steps available to customers directly impacted by the COVID pandemic.

New steps have been added to the waterfall based on guidance provided from Investors.  These items are designated with a *NEW indicator.
 This information has also been published in the Fairway KnowledgeOwl viewed by Fairway Loan Officers and Branch Employees.  Please become familiar with these details as this information will be shared in a company-wide presentation on Wednesday May 20, 2020.

View the updated Waterfall in the Servicing KnowledgeOwl

  • Click the “COVID-19 Impacts and Assistance” Section
  • Then click the “COVID-19 Disaster Loss Mitigation Waterfalls” article

Click Here to link directly to this information.  

Please contact your team lead or manager if  you have any questions.