06/11/2020: Reporting Customer Technical Issues with FairwayNEXT.com

Reporting Customer Technical Issues with FairwayNEXT.com 

Use the template below to provide details needed to research and troubleshoot technical issues customers experience when accessing www.FairwayNEXT.com.

Send Email To: Julie Presley, DW Schabbing, Tia Farmer and Blake Buford

Subject Line: FairwayNEXT Tech Issue – Loan Number 0000000000

Body of Email:

  1. Customer’s FairwayNEXT User Name
  2. Date and Time the error or issue occurred
  3. Web Browser used – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  4. Operating System used – Mac or Windows
  5. What action was being attempted when the error occurred
    • Example: Registration, Attempting to log in, Attempting to make a payment, Retrieving Documents, etc.
  6. Description of the error that occurred including the error message customers received
    • Screenshot of error message from customer if possible
  7. Best telephone number for a call back

Advise customers they will receive a return call within one business day.  

  • Servicing Operations will partner with Fairway I.T. to troubleshoot the issue
  • Details will be provided to Fairway Customer Experience who will return the call back to customers

Document the loan indicating the troubleshooting email has been sent.

Please see your Manager or Team Lead if you have any questions.

Note: This procedure does not apply to Retained Servicing Loans and the MyFairwayServicing web portal and mobile app.