06/16/2020: Notice of Transfer Letters Mailed to Customers with Incorrect Transfer Effective and First Payment Dates

Information in this Newsflash applies to Interim Servicing and Transferred Servicing Loans.  Due to a file processing issue, Notice Of Transfer (NOT) letters were generated and mailed to 382 customers with incorrect Transfer Effective Dates and  incorrect First Payment Dates.  This also resulted in incorrect loan transfer and first payment information when customers and loan officers view FairwayNEXT.com.

The actual first payment due date for these loans is August 1, 2020 and not July 1, 2020 as printed on the NOT.

Fairway is generating corrected NOT letters, and these will be mailed today (06/16/2020). 

System corrections have been made in FICS.  FairwayNEXT.com will display the correct information to customers and Loan Officers on Wednesday June 17,2020.   

Should customers inquire about the incorrect NOT letter, advise the following:

  • Apologize for any confusion or frustration
  • The NOT letter with the July 1, 2020 first payment date was generated in error
  • A corrected NOT letter with the August 1, 2020 first payment date is being generated and mailed on Tuesday June 16, 2020
  • FairwayNEXT.com will display the corrected dates on Wednesday June 17, 2020

Please see your Team Lead or Manager if you have questions.