06/17/2020: FairwayNEXT Update and Text Message Availability for All Transferred Servicing Loans

*Maintenance Window: FairwayNEXT.com will be unavailable on Wednesday June 17, 2020 from 8:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Central Time*

Loans that originate and close as Non-Retained Servicing and then transition to Retained Servicing status after origination have previously been unable to receive FairwayNEXT transfer status texts or use the convenient features and information on the FairwayNEXT.com website.  

  • These loans board to Fairway Interim Servicing and the FICS system
  • Next, these loans complete a Servicing Transfer to Fairway’s Subservicer, ServiceMac, and board onto the MSP System
  • These customers may owe their first payment directly to Fairway Interim Servicing

Effective Thursday June 18, 2020, these customers (with loans subsequently deemed as retained servicing) have the ability to receive FairwayNEXT Transfer Status Texts (if enrolled for texts in Encompass at origination) and access the FairwayNEXT website. 

This means these loans designated (post-closing) to be Fairway Retained (transferring to our Subservicer) in addition to all Non-Retained Servicing customers will be able to:

  • Look up new Servicer information and first payment due details
  • Register on the site to make payments owed to Fairway
  • View copies of Fairway billing statements and documents
  • Receive loan status text (if previously enrolled)

Fairway Loan Officers may use the Loan Lookup view on FairwayNEXT to obtain new Servicer and payment information for their customers designated as Retained Servicing after closing.  It is important to differentiate between loans in this scenario (board to Interim Servicing then transition to Retained Servicing) and loans that originate and close as Fairway Retained Servicing and board directly to ServiceMac.

  • FairwayNEXT provides details for loans that transfer from Interim Servicing to Retained Servicing
  • FairwayNEXT does not provide details for loans that originate and close as Fairway Retained Servicing – Loan Officers must use the Retained LO Tool to obtain details for these loans