06/23/2020: IVR Enhancements for Interim Call Center

Information in this newsflash applies to Interim Servicing loans and Servicing Transferred loans.  

Beginning Wednesday June 24, 2020, customers who call the Fairway Interim Call Center at 1-800-201-7544 will be greeted by an updated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.  

Enhancements include:

  • Make a One-Time Payment: Customers who owe their first payment directly to Fairway, prior to Servicing Transfer, may process a payment using the IVR with their routing and account number from a checking or savings account – free of charge!
  • Servicing Transfer Details: Customers may obtain the new Servicer name, new loan number and date to begin making payments to the new Servicer

This new IVR provides the same payment information and servicing transfer details available on FairwayNEXT.com.  

The Servicing 911 and Interim Call Center KnowledgeOwl has been updated with details about the enhanced IVR including call flow diagrams and a list of payment processing prompts.  

Click here to view the updated content or follow this path:

  • Servicing 911 and Interim Call Center
  • IVR- Interim Call Center
  • View the article titled “IVR – Interim Call Center – Call Flow Outline and Diagrams”

The high-level call flow for this IVR is outlined below.  Callers are greeted and prompted to select English or Spanish.

If English is selected:

Callers are prompted to enter the following:

  • Fairway Loan Number and last 4 digits of their Social Security Number


  • Full 9 digit Social Security Number and Property Zip Code

Once the loan is authenticated, callers hear the following:

  • Payment information and an option to make a one-time payment by phone on the IVR if a payment is due to Fairway


  • Transfer Information regarding their new Servicer 
  • New Servicer name
  • New Servicer phone number
  • New Servicer loan number (if available)

Callers may choose to speak to a Customer Experience Specialist at any time by Pressing Zero (0).

If Spanish is selected:

Callers are routed directly to a Spanish speaking agent.  The IVR does not provide loan information in Spanish at this time.  This will be enhanced at a future date.  

Please see your manager or lead if you have questions.