07/16/2020: Returned Mail Processing for Interim Servicing and Transferred Servicing Loans

Information in this Newsflash applies to Interim Servicing and Transferred Servicing Loans.

Cashiering Team Members who are working in the office are processing returned mail while the majority of Servicing employees are working remote.  These team members are documenting FICS when the following items are returned to Fairway from the US Postal Service:

  • Notice of Transfer (NOT) Letters
  • Payment Due Letters
  • RESPA Letters

When returned mail is received, the following information is documented in the Memos in FICS:

  • Item(s) returned to Fairway from the Postal Service
  • Return reason from the Postal Service

If customers call and advise they have not received an expected piece of mail, check All Memos to see if items have been returned to Fairway.  If items have been returned, confirm the mailing address and update FICS as applicable.  Be sure to document this information in a Memo.  Send customers another copy of the returned item(s) as needed.
 Examples of Memos on loans with returned mail are shown below:

Please see your Team Lead or Manager if you have any questions.