07/28/2020: Tax Bill Notices from New Castle County in Delaware Mailed in Error

Approximately 51,000 tax bills were erroneously mailed to homeowners from the tax authority in New Castle County Delaware.  The data was intended to be transmitted electronically to Mortgage Servicers who remit payments from escrow accounts.

The message shown below appears on the New Castle County Government Website:


If you escrow your property taxes with your mortgage lender and recently received a bill, you are not required to remit payment directly to New Castle County.

On July 23, it came to the Office of Finance’s attention that our contract vendor printed and mailed out approximately half of an image-only mortgage file in error. This mortgage file contained 102,417 parcels, so it is estimated that approximately 51,000 bills were mailed to these citizens in error. The Office of Finance is working with the vendor to identify all affected individuals so that a letter can be sent to them explaining the error and that there is no need for them to remit payment because their mortgage company will remit on their behalf. 

If you are unsure if you escrow your property taxes or would like more information, please contact the Treasury Department at (302) 395-5340.

If customers inquire about this bill, advise the following:

  • This notice was printed in error from New Castle County
  • It is not necessary to forward a copy of this bill to the Mortgage Servicer – updated data will be transmitted electronically
  • New Castle County taxes are not delinquent until after 09/30/2020
  • Fairway (ServiceMac) will remit payment for the taxes due in New Castle County during September 2020

 Customers should visit the New Castle County website at www.nccde.org/232/taxes for more information.