07/28/2020: Two Harbors In Process of Transferring Loans from DMI to either Flagstar Bank or Mr. Cooper

Two Harbors Investment Corporation (also known as Matrix Financial Services Corporation) purchases the servicing rights of a large portion of Fairway conventional loans.   In recent years, these servicing release loans have transferred to Two Harbor’s subservicer, DMI (Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc.). 

Recently, Two Harbors has made the decision to move their servicing away from DMI and transfer to one of two other subservicers, either Flagstar Bank or Mr. Cooper (formerly known as Nationstar Mortgage).

Although Fairway no longer owns the servicing of these loans, we are receiving questions from customers particularly if we recently transferred their mortgage loan to DMI.

The below are some of the dates Two Harbors loans will be transferred by DMI to the new Two Harbor’s subservicers (please be aware these transfer dates may change or there could be additional transfers):

8/1/2020--------- From DMI to Flagstar Bank

10/1/2020------- From DMI to Flagstar Bank

11/1/2020------- From DMI to Mr. Cooper

As Fairway is not involved in this servicing transfer activity, we will not have copies of the notices of servicing transfer (Goodbye and Hello letters).

Please advise customers to refer to the contact information provided on their notices of transfer.  Prior to the servicing transfer effective date, customers should contact DMI.  After the transfer date, customers should contact their new subservicer as specified on their notice of transfer (either Flagstar Bank or Mr. Cooper).

The below are the toll-free Customer Service phone numbers:

DMI: (800) 669-4268

Flagstar Bank: (800) 968-7700

Mr. Cooper: (888) 480-2432