07/31/2020: Annual Privacy Notice Mailed to Retained Servicing Customers

The federally required Annual Privacy Notices have been mailed to Retained Servicing Customers whose loans are serviced by our sub-servicer, ServiceMac, using the Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation branding.  Click the links at the end of this article to view a copy of the Notice.

This required privacy notice explains when personal information is permitted to be shared and provides a list of instances in which customer information is or is not shared by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.  

A copy of this notice has been mailed to customers with active Retained Servicing Loans and to customers whose Retained Servicing Loans paid-in-full since September 1, 2019.  A copy of the cover letter and the Privacy Notice is attached to this communication.  Please read the attached documents and become familiar with the content.

If customers inquire about this Annual Privacy Notice advise the following:

  • In accordance with federal privacy laws, this is a required annual notice that Fairway sends to customers to explain how personal information is obtained and how it is shared within the business practices of Fairway and its affiliates 
  • No customer action is required
  • For specific questions relating to this notice or if customers wish to limit the sharing of information – as applicable – customers may call Fairway’s Privacy Department toll-free at 1-800-447-2603 during business hours
  • Customers may also view privacy policy information online at www.fairwayindependentmc.com/resources/privacy-policy

Fairway Retained Cover Letter for Annual Privacy Notice 2020.pdf

Fairway Retained Annual Privacy Notice 2020.pdf