08/03/2020: Dovenmuehle (DMI) Monthly Billing Statements Generated and Mailed with Incorrect Information

An isolated population of approximately 250 customers whose loans originated with Fairway and recently servicing transferred to Dovenmuehle Mortgage (DMI) are receiving Monthly Billing Statements from DMI with incorrect loan information due to a data integrity issue. 

There were billing statement discrepancies on outstanding principal balance, principal and interest payment due as well as escrow balance. The discrepancies are large dollar amounts which may alarm customers.  

Should customers call with questions about this DMI billing statement:

  • Assure customers that both Fairway and DMI are aware of this issue 

  • DMI is performing the necessary corrections on their systems and will mail a new and accurate billing statement

  • Apologize for any confusion or frustration this matter may have caused

  • Advise customers to contact DMI directly for further assistance by calling toll-free (800) 669-4268

Please contact your Team Lead or Manager if you have questions.