08/26/2020: Point of Contact Emails for Internal Use Only

Always remove customers’ email addresses when forwarding customer communication to internal points of contact who will be replying back and providing you answers or information.

When working tickets in Servicing911 and contacting other servicers/sub-servicers, customers must not be included on these emails.  

Specifically, last week several emails forwarded to points of contact at Two Harbors / DMI included customers on the email string.  

Customers’ email addresses should be removed, await the response from the point of contact or servicer/sub-servicer, and provide a response to customers on an email that does not include contact information for internal points of contact or other servicers/sub-servicers.

This also applies to Fairway Loan Officers.  Do not provide points of contact directly to the LO’s.  The LO’s should contact Servicing911, and our team is to provide the response to the LO when the matter is resolved.