08/27/19 - Fairway/Cenlar Customer Website Ends at End of Day August 30, 2019

Customers whose loans are with Cenlar for retained servicing will lose access to the website they view for Fairway at the end of day Friday, August 30, 2019.  

Currently these customers – while servicing is at Cenlar – access http://www.fairwayindependentmc.loanadministration.com/ (also known as Customer CareNet or CCN)

Until Loan Data becomes available September 5th or 6th to view on MSP, customers will not have full functionality on their new website (our site) www.myfairwayservicing.com.

If customers have questions about their current site (Cenlar) they will need to contact their current servicing center (Cenlar) up until the loan transfer is effective.