09/10/19 - Important Recap: Wednesday Morning Update

This recap is covering important information that we have learned over the past two days.  I have added this to the original email for your reference.
NEW STEP For Recast Requests – Begin opening a task when ordering the Recast Requirements Letter. 

o   Access the PL03 Screen and order Letter ID RC001

o   Access the TSK1 Screen and open the SPRCST task

o   Add notes to the SPRCST task advising the RC001 letter has been ordered

o   KnowledgeOwl has been updated with these new steps

NOW WORKING ACH Director Script  – This has been updated and now functioning.  

o   Please begin using this script immediately when setting up ACH over the phone

o   See me if any questions or issues with the script

PROCESS CHANGE – NEW STEP when setting up ACH on MSP – We must add a date in the Pre-Note Date field.  

o   Pre-Note Date must be 2 months prior to the current day’s date (Example: today’s date is 091019 so the Pre Note Date field must be 071019)

o   The Effective Date field must be the month the ACH draft will be effective and must be set to the first of the month (Example: draft effective with October 2019 so the Effective Date field must be 100119)

o   KnowledgeOwl procedures have been updated with this step

o   Make sure to use the correct comment codes for ACH Setup and ACH Changes of Existing Information – also updated on the ACH Enrollment Page in KnowledgeOwl

MSP MUST BE REVIEWED EVERY CALL – Other Servicing Departments may Make Outbound Calls to Customers, and They Provide our Toll-Free Number to Call Back.  

o   If customers say they are returning a call from a voicemail Fairway left them, we are responsible for providing the details

o   Read the NOTS screen on every call that is relating to a call back or a research item

ServiceMac Tickets and Document Management System – We opened tickets and this should be working for all team members.  

o   It is critical these applications are functioning daily for all agents

o   If anyone is having any issues with these applications let me know immediately

Do Not Email Customers Copies of Documents – We do not want anyone emailing documents or correspondence directly to customers from your Fairway E-mail address.  

o   Customer correspondence must come from the Servicing Center office or our departmental email box that not everyone has access to

o   We are working on getting tasks set up that you will open to request document copies to be sent to customers