09/16/19 - Process Change: Ordering Recast Request Letter

Follow the steps listed below to open the Recast Request Task and order the RC001 Recast Letter.  The process has been updated to now open a task when generating the Recast Letter.
Instead of going to PL03 to order the letter, please open the task as described below.  By typing “P” in the ACT field, the RC001 Recast Letter will print and mail from the Servicing Center.

To Initiate the Recast Process:

  • Navigate to TSK1
  • Open SPRCST Task
  • Press Enter 
  • The TSK3 Screen will appear
  • Type "P" in the ACT field to order the RC001 Letter and press Enter
  • Advise borrower they will receive the form in 7-10 days
  • Advise that we must have form and funds on file before recast can take place
  • View a copy of the letter on the PL05 screen

This process has been updated in KnowledgeOwl.