10/03/19 - New Process: Online Web / Mobile Access Delete Registration Requests

Please follow these steps listed below when submitting a request to delete and reset a customer’s enrollment to the online website and/or mobile app for MyFairwayServicing.com.

Send an email to Julie Presley, copy Blake Buford, and provide the following information:

  • Subject Line: Delete Online Registration – Loan Number 0000000000
  • Include the following details in the body of the email
    • Customer Name
    • Loan Number
    • Username customer created when registering online
    • Email Address customer used when registering online
    • Reason the account needs to be reset

These requests will be submitted at the end of the business day.  

Advise a 48 to 72 hour turn-around time for the account to be reset.
This is a temporary process, and additional information will be communicated when this process changes.