10/03/19 - Requesting Funds to be Reimbursed to Customers - Proof Needed

As a reminder - anytime we are requesting funds to be sent back to a customer for a duplicate payment or an overpayment, we must obtain proof from the customer that the funds have cleared their account before we are able to reimburse the customer.
 If the customer requests the funds to be wired back, we must obtain the ABA Wiring Routing Number from their bank.  In many cases this is different than the routing number on their checking account or the one used for ACH.  Wire Transfers of funds can be transferred back same day.
 If the customer does not provide the wiring instructions, funds will be sent back as an ACH transfer and may take 1 to 3 business days for the customer to receive.
 You may open the task while on the call and document in the notes the customer is sending in the proof of the funds clearing.  Make sure to note if they are emailing or faxing or mailing the proof of funds cleared.