10/10/19 - Temporary Process Change: PMI Removal Requests


Do not order the ES013 Letter for PMI Removal Requests.  The PMI Removal Form is under review in the Servicing Center and is unavailable at this time.  Customers must submit their own written request.

All other requirements and guidelines in the PMI Removal procedure must be followed.

For customers who wish to submit their written request for PMI Removal, follow the steps below until the regular request process resumes:

  • Customers must submit their request in writing for PMI Removal
  • Written requests may be mailed, faxed or submitted by e-mail
  • Customers have to include their consent in the written request for:
    • An Appraisal or BPO
    • Acknowledge they will be responsible for paying the cost for an Appraisal or BPO (see KnowledgeOwl procedure for more information)
  • PMI Removal review cannot proceed until the written request is received
  • Do not open tasks for PMI Removal requests – the PMI Department will open tasks on the loans when the written requests are received

Click here to view PMI Removal Procedures or type “PMI Removal” in the search bar on KnowledgeOwl.