10/14/19 - Opening Tasks in MSP Important Points

Key steps in opening tasks in MSP are being missed.  This is causing delays in fulfilling customer requests and resulting in escalations.  Task notes must be detailed and clear.  It is our responsibility to document in the task what needs to happen.

Every task must have task notes on the TSKN screen.  Those who work tasks only read the notes on the task assigned to them, and they do not read the comments on the loan.  It is critical the task notes are fully documented.

Returning funds to customers requires a task and proof the funds have cleared the customers’ bank account.  

Open the task while on the call and document the following:

  • Date and dollar amount of funds received
  • Document if customers are emailing, mailing, or faxing proof the funds cleared their bank account

If customers want funds wired back to their account, this must be documented in the task notes when requesting the reversal.  Funds are only wired back if requested.

  • Customers must provide us their bank’s ABA Wiring Number – this is different than their routing number
  • Funds will be wired back to the customer the business day after we receive proof the funds have cleared their bank account

If customers do not request the funds to be wired, they will be returned via ACH transfer

  • Document customers’ routing and account number in the task notes or the routing and account number on file will be used if customers are enrolled in ACH
  • Funds returned via ACH transfer will be processed within 3 business days

If a wire is not requested and ACH information is not provided, a check will be cut and mailed to the customer.

Please ask if you have any questions or need further clarification regarding tasks.