10/19/2020: Issue Resolved: Loans Transferring to M&T Bank not Displaying New Servicer Information on FairwayNEXT

Information in this newsflash applies to interim servicing loans transferring to M&T Bank.  

A system issue prevented the new servicer name and new servicer contact information for loans transferring to M&T Bank from displaying on the FairwayNEXT website.  

The Payment Due to New Servicer Dates (transfer effective dates), Payment Amounts, and New Servicer Loan Numbers displayed on FairwayNEXT for loans transferring to M&T Bank have been accurate and correct.

Please reach out to your manager or supervisor, or email servicingtraining@fairwaymc.com should you notice missing information when viewing Loan Lookup details on FairwayNEXT.  

This will ensure system issues are reported and corrected in a timely manner.  Contact your manager or supervisor if you have any questions.