10/26/2020: Users Must Properly Log Out of FICS before Logging Out of Citrix

All FICS users must properly log out of the FICS application at the end of each business day.  We continue to see team members in Customer Experience not following this process.  

The proper logoff process must be followed before logging out of Citrix.   The step below must be followed every time you log off FICS and before you log out of Citrix.

The FICS system does not automatically log off after a period of inactivity.  To properly log off, click the exit (x) button at the top right of the FICS window.  This will close the window and successfully log off the session.


Only a specified number of users can be logged on to FICS at the same time.  When that number of active users is exceeded, it prevents others (who may have critical activities to complete) from successfully logging on to FICS.