10/29/19 - Web Portal Updates: MyFairwayServicing.com

Web Portal Updates – MyFairwayServicing.com

Update #1

The Web Update scheduled for last week has been delayed.  

  • This enhancement is tentatively re-scheduled to roll out over the weekend of November 2nd
  • One piece of this enhancement will change the processing of online payments to the Ventanex/Lift application
  • This should eliminate the xml schema error message received by some customers

Customers may receive the xml schema error until this update is implemented.  

If this occurs:

  • Inform customers there is a pending update to our web portal
  • Apologize for any frustration or inconvenience
  • Offer to process a one-time payment by phone and waive the processing fee

Update #2

Some customers are not able to successfully complete the registration process.  They click “Accept Terms” and are redirected to the beginning of the registration process without receiving an error message.

This occurs when the Social Security Number customers are using to register their online account does not match the Social Security Number in MSP.

  • A specific error message is being created to display to customers when this occurs:
    • HTTP 400 (Bad Request) Invalid Loan Number or SSN
  • This message is not displaying at this time, and a timeframe for implementing this message is not immediately available

Should customers describe this registration error, inform them of the issue and review the Social Security Number  to identify potential incorrect data.

If the Social Security Number is incorrect in MSP:

  • View the Social Security Number provided by customers at closing by accessing DMS 

  • Locate the Social Security Number on the Application or the W-9 Form located in the Loan Boarding folder

  • If the Social Security Number is incorrect on MSP but is correct on the Application or the W-9 Form, open the SPLCFM (Critical Field Maintenance) task and add detailed task notes describing the needed correction

  • If the Social Security Number is incorrect on both MSP and the Application or the W-9 Form, advise customers to send proof of the correct Social Security Number and a written request to update the loan records

See your Manager or Lead if you have any questions.