11/05/19 - Technical Support Job Aid for MyFairwayServicing Web Portal and Mobile App

Effective immediately, please use the process defined below to offer assistance for customers experiencing technical difficulties with the www.MyFairwayServicing.com web portal and the MyFairwayServicing mobile app.


  • A Technical Support Specialist is now available to speak with customers to assist them with troubleshooting and login issues
  • Always warm transfer call, never cold transfer to Technical Support
  • Contact information and transfer instructions are provided below
  • If Technical Support is not available to answer the live call, a task can be set up for the customer to receive a call back

A Technical Support Specialist is now available to directly assist customers who encounter issues with the MyFairwayServicing web portal or mobile app.

Michael Williams at ServiceMac is our assigned Technical Support Specialist.  Please reference him as Michael from Technical Support when speaking with customers.  Do not provide customers with Michael’s full name.  

Technical support issues to transfer to Technical Support include: 

  • Customers locked out of their mobile or web portal account 
  • Customers are unable to successfully reset their password 
  • Customers cannot successfully process a payment on the web portal or mobile app and are receiving error messages such as:
    • Date error- Showed effective date cannot be greater than the draft date 
    • Failed Schema Error - such as “Failed xml Schema”
  • Customers are not able to view payment histories online
  • Customers have multiple mortgage loans that are not linked together under a single username
    • This only applies if customers have multiple Fairway Retained Serviced loans - This will not link loans from any other servicer

Transferring the Call:

Advise customers their call will be connected to Michael - our Technical Support Specialist. 

  • Ensure the technical support is the last issue customers would like resolved before connecting the call.  Technical support is not able to answer mortgage loan level or mortgage servicing related questions.
  • “Mr./ Ms. [CUSTOMERS NAME] do you have any other questions or concerns before I connect your call to our Technical Support Specialist?”
    • If customers have other questions or concerns- please assist.
    • If customers do not have other questions or concerns, initiate the call transfer in Five9.

Initiating the Transfer in Five9:

  1. Select the “Transfer” button

2. Ensure the transfer option is set to “Warm”

  • Do not Cold transfer a call to Michael in Technical Support
  • The Customer Experience Specialist must remain on the line until the Technical Support Agent accepts and confirms they can assist with the call

3. Select the “Select Contact” button

4. Type Williams in the search bar

  • Locate Michael Williams
    1. Select and click on Michaels Williams’ name
    2. Select and click on the “Select Contact” button

5. Advise customers they will be connected to Michael.

  • “May I place you on a brief hold while I connect your call to Michael?  I will stay on the line to ensure Michael is available to assist you.  Thank you for being the best part of Fairway.  Have a great rest of your day!  Stay on the line for Michael please.”

6. Next, select “Initiate Transfer”

7. Advise Michael who you have on the line by providing the following information: 

  • Name of the customer on the line and the loan number
  • Confirm if the customer is fully verified 
  • Nature of the issue that they are having with the mobile app or web portal (specify which application they are having the issue with)

8. Select “Complete Transfer” 

If Michael is not available in Five9 to receive a customer call, advise the following:

“Our technical support agent is not available at this time.  I will be glad to submit a request for him to give you a call back  Is that ok?” 

  • If customer is ok with a call back from Technical Support:

  • Navigate to TSK1 and open TECHSU task 
  • Document the following information in the task notes
    • Customer is having issues with mobile app or web portal (whichever one they advised). 
    • Describe error or issue in the task notes
    • Please return borrowers call at (best telephone number). 
  • Advise customer their call will be returned within the next two business days. 

  • If customer wants the issue resolved immediately transfer to a supervisor to send up an escalation. 

MSP Comment Code: CSTECT


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