11/05/19 - Updated Procedures: Authenticating Callers and Third Parties

The Authenticating Callers and Third Parties procedures have been updated and clarified.  Read this information thoroughly to fully understand how Loan Pop functions and a new required phrase that must be spoken when customers authenticate in the IVR.

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When loan data appears in the Loan Pop tool, this means the caller successfully authenticated in the IVR.  

When loan data does not appear in the Loan Pop tool, this means the caller did not authenticate in the IVR.

New Required Phrase: 

When customers authenticate in the IVR before speaking with a Customer Experience Specialist, the requirement is to verify the name of the caller and confirm they are the customer.

Beginning with November’s 2019 QA please incorporate the phrase: 

  • “Thank you for authenticating your loan information with our automated system”   
  • This shows appreciation to the customer and confirms the Loan Pop data has been reviewed before proceeding with the call
  • Do not use this phrase when customers do not authenticate in the IVR

Loan Pop Issue: 

A few instances have been reported where data populates in the Loan Pop tool that is not the loan data for the current caller.  Make sure to pay close attention to the data in Loan Pop.  

If the data in the Loan Pop tool is not for the current caller: 

  • Follow the procedure for callers who do not authenticate in the IVR
  • Use the Snip Tool to capture a screen shot of MSP with the correct information and of the Loan Pop tool with the incorrect information
  • Email this information to DW Schabbing and Blake Buford, and cc Jan Burger

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