11/19/2020: Notice of Transfers Emailed to Incorrect Customer (6 loans) Free Credit Monitoring Offered

Summary – On September 17, 2020, a small population of notices of transfer were emailed to the incorrect Fairway customer due to an isolated vendor error which has been corrected.

This happened on six mortgage accounts (including both borrowers and co-borrowers, this impacted 11 customers).  None of the information shared was sensitive financial information that would put customers at risk (most of the information is part of the public record on the recordation of the mortgage – see additional details in the customer notice further below).  

Our Fairway privacy and security officers are mailing the below notices to impacted customers this week. This letter advises customers of the incident and provides them with the option to obtain 12 months of free credit monitoring, courtesy of Fairway. 

All eleven (11) Borrowers and Co-borrowers are receiving their own credit monitoring service offer. To take advantage of this free credit monitoring, Customers must use the instructions and activation codes in their letters to enroll by 2/28/2021 with Experian for their IdentityWorks credit monitoring service. 

Customers must contact the Experian Customer Care Team at 1-866-960-6943 by 2/28/2021, reference engagement number B006553 and provide their unique activation code from their notice to activate the 12 months of credit monitoring.  

Customer Talking Points:  Should customers contact the Interim Servicing Customer Experience team regarding this incident, advise the following:

  • Please contact Experian for questions and for activation of the 12 months free credit monitoring (use the engagement and activation codes provided on the notice from Fairway)
  • Apologize for the slight delay in the notice if the customer asks about the delay – explain we had to make arrangements to obtain credit monitoring
  • Assure customers this was a very isolated incident and controls have been implemented to prevent this from occurring in the future.
  • If the customer requests additional information or has additional concerns, the call can be transferred to our Privacy office at 469-910-0519 or the customer may also send an email to: privacy@fairwaymc.com
  • Apologize for any concerns or inconvenience this matter has caused

Please see your manager or supervisor if you have questions.

Notice of incident content below: