11/26/19 - Bill Payments / Rejected Payments by Cenlar on September Conversion

The actions listed below are occurring for 289 loans identified as potentially impacted by a payment mailed to or requested through a bill pay service to be sent to Cenlar.

Emails were sent to these customers and to the Fairway Branch Offices where these customers originated their mortgage loans on Monday November 25, 2019. The verbiage contained in the emails has been added as attached .pdf files to this communication.

The following comment is being added to these loans today (11/26/19):

“Possible impact due to payment mailed or by bill pay to Cenlar.

Determine with customer if this is the scenario and handle call using 

job aid provided on this topic if applicable.”

Stops have been placed for the following:

Cease regular outbound calls by Collections

  • Soft outbound calls are being placed instead to confirm if this is the issue impacting these customers or if they are experiencing a hardship

Prevent negative credit reporting through 12/06/19

Some customers have contacted Cenlar regarding the timeframe of receiving their funds and have been provided a mailing date and tracking number. In some instances Cenlar has mailed refund checks, however this is not the case for all impacted loans.

Customers may make the decision to place a stop payment on these funds through their bank. They need to speak with their bank and fully understand the process and results of a stop payment. Do not offer this as an option to customers, and speak to it only if customers mention the topic. Fairway will not reimburse any stop payment fees assessed by customers’ banks.

Strongly recommend these customers enroll in monthly recurring ACH through Fairway.

Explain the benefits of this payment method:

  1. Select draft date between 1st and 10th of month
  2. Payment amount automatically adjusts when escrow changes occur
  3. Additional principal can be drafted monthly
  4. Free of charge

Should you speak with impacted customers who are requesting to make a payment by phone and they are due for the November payment, Customer Experience can process the payment and will not have to connect them to Collections.

The original Newsflash that was distributed on November 25, 2019 regarding this topic is shown below.

Some customers continue remitting mortgage payments to Cenlar by mailing a check or using a bill pay service. For 60 days after the September 1, 2019 transfer, Cenlar forwarded payments to Fairway (ServiceMac). As of October 31, 2019, Cenlar stopped forwarding payments and began rejecting funds. 

Customers were notified in August within their RESPA transfer notices of these timeframes and their responsibility to update their payment mailing address or the payee information with their bank or bill pay provider. Specific to bill pay, in addition to their Notice Of Transfer Goodbye and Hello Letters, they received a Welcome Email and a targeted email to customers identified as using a bill pay service.

Information included in the August 2019 letter and emails is shown below:

Payments made by check will be processed by our current servicing center if checks are received before close of business on August 30th. This means if checks are received in sufficient time to process on August 30th, they will be applied. After that time, any checks received by our prior servicing center will be priority mailed to our new servicing center where the check will be applied with the effective date based on when the check was originally received by our prior servicing center. This process will occur for 60 days after the transfer date (though October 30th).

Online Bill Pay: If you currently make your mortgage loan payments using an online bill pay service or online banking, please change the bill provider name (payee) to Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, the account number (to your new loan number) and the address to P.O. Box 105178, Atlanta, GA 30348-5178 to continue to make payments. If these changes are not made, there will be a delay as your payment will need to be forwarded to our new servicing center. Payments will be forwarded for 60 days after transfer and then will be returned to you.

Find out if customers received their Transfer Welcome Letter or Email in August 2019. Offer to email a copy if needed. 

· Email customersupport@myfairwayservicing.com

· Provide loan number, customer’s email address and request the Welcome Letter to be sent by email

· Do not send this from your email account – these must be sent from the Customer Support Mailbox

For customers continuing to mail their payments to Cenlar: 

· Advise of the September 2019 Servicing Transfer

· Inform customers November and other future payments mailed to Cenlar will not be forwarded

· Ensure customers know their new loan number and payment mailing address

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

P.O. Box 105178

Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5178

· Offer the option of enrolling in recurring monthly ACH with Fairway 

For customers using banking online or a bill pay service and sending their payments to Cenlar:

· They must contact their bank and/or bill pay provider and inquire about the funds remitted for their November payment – these funds will not be automatically forwarded to Fairway (ServiceMac) from Cenlar

· Provide the date and dollar amount of the payment to their bank

· Inform customers to ask their bank/bill pay provider if funds were sent to Cenlar electronically or by check

o If sent electronically, customers should ask their bank about the process of retrieving rejected bill pay funds

· Customers should clearly understand their bank’s timeframes regarding receiving returned funds

Customers have to update the payee information with their bank. 

If they wish to continue using a bill pay service for their mortgage payment, provide the information shown below:

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Account Number: [Customer’s Fairway/ServiceMac Loan Number]

P.O. Box 105178

Atlanta, GA 30348-5178

Late Fee:

Advise these customers their November 2019 late fee can be waived. Process a late fee waiver on the PMTA screen. Click here for the Late Fee Waiver Procedure.

This will not count as the one-time courtesy waiver for the year and must be documented when entering comments and notes onto MSP.

Credit Reporting:

Update: Credit reporting stops have been added to these loans to prevent negative credit reporting from occurring through December 6, 2019. 

Call Documentation:

· Comment Code: CSRECP 

· Extended Notes: Details provided to customers and if late fee is waived

See your Manager or Lead if you have questions.