12/12/19 - ACH Maintenance - Update on Temporary Process

The call center processes for adding, changing, and deleting monthly recurring ACH enrollment is under review at this time.  Access to maintenance the fields on the MAS1 DFT1 screen have been removed while this review occurs.  

This means the MSP Director Script will not work for ACH maintenance, and a manual process has been implemented until further notice.  Requests to add, change, and delete ACH enrollment are to be sent by secure email.

Send a Secure Email to customersupport@myfairwayservicing.com and include the following information:

Subject Line: ACH Maintenance Loan # <input loan number>

Body of Email:

  • Request type:
    • Add new enrollment
    • Change information on existing enrollment
    • Delete enrollment
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Account Type – Checking or Savings
  • Name of Customer on bank account
  • Delay Days
  • Effective Date
  • Additional principal amount
  • Total amount to draft

Note: The requirement to document the name of the customer on the bank account and to confirm Checking or Savings are updates to the original procedure provided.

Requests will be processed in 2 business days, and the Cash Department will generate a letter that customers will receive for confirmation.

This process change only applies to monthly recurring ACH and does not apply to the Bi Weekly Payment enrollment.  

The process for Bi Weekly has not changed, and a form is required for Bi Weekly enrollment or changes.