12/30/2020: New QA Monitoring Scorecards Effective January 2021

Please become familiar with the new QA monitoring scorecards for calls, email responses and online chats.  The new scorecards and call flow guidelines are published in the KnowledgeOwl for Servicing911 and Interim Call Center.

Note: New scorecards apply to interim servicing, retained servicing and Servicing911.  At this time, the QA content is not viewable in the Retained Servicing KnowledgeOwl.

Click Here to view the QA Monitoring Guidelines content including:

  • Monitoring forms for calls, emails, and online chats
  • Call flow examples for greeting and introduction, and for summary and closing
  • Verification requirements for inquiries from Fairway internal employees, interim servicing customer calls, retained servicing customer calls, and third party calls
  • The new forms and guidelines become effective the first business day of January 2021