Add Third Party to DMS & MSP - Retained Loans

Customer Support Email Procedure

  • Locate the customers loan using email sent to Customer Support
  • Open Loan in MSP
  • Verify customers account information matches the form
  • Save document to your documents folder
  • Open DMS search loan number
  • Click to upload loan document
  • Use dropdown to select document type and select “third Part Authorization [391]
  • Click browse for file and select your file from your folder
  • Click create document
  • Go to MEM1 screen in MSP
  • Tab to Life of Loan: and add the authorize party from the form, if customer did not give expiration date press enter. **if they added an expiration date tab to add and add
  • Add note to MSP. Example: CS inbox: customer sent in Third party Authorization form to add [third party name] to life of loan (till expiration date) and uploaded form to DMS