April 1, 2022: Retained Servicing Comment Code Process Change

Effective Friday, April 1, 2022


  • Two comment codes will now be required for every call
  • Call Tracking Comment Code: indicates if the call is an inquiry, a problem, or an escalation
  • Action Comment Code: indicates the topic discussed and the main reason of the call
  • Process begins April 2022 and QA monitoring score impact begins May 2022

The detailed information referenced below is published in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Loans by navigating to:  Home >> MSP Helpful Hints >> Call Center Comment Codes or Click Here.

Detailed Information:

The process of using Comment Codes in Black Knight/MSP to document call types and call reasons is changing.  Effective Friday, April 1, 2022 two comment codes are required to be logged on every call.  

There are two types of Comment Codes: Call Tracking Comment Codes and Action Comment Codes.

Call Tracking Comment Codes identify if the call is an inquiry, a problem, an escalation or an executive-level complaint.

Action Comment Codes identify the main subject or topic discussed during the call.

Every call must contain one of these Call Tracking Comment Codes:

  • CSSINQ – General Customer Inquiry or Request for Information
    • This will be the most common code used for this category

  • CSSPRB – Customer Service Complaint Problem (Verbal)
    • Use this code when the call fits the definition of a complaint call that you are able to resolve during the customer interaction 

  • CSSESC – Escalated Call – Transferred to Sup/Team Lead
    • Use this code when a complaint or escalated level call cannot be resolved during your interaction and the call is connected to a higher level or to management

  • CSTCOM – Executive Complaint 
    • This code is documented in KnowledgeOwl but will not be used by Retained Servicing Customer Experience team members – for Management Use Only

Every call must also contain one Action Comment Code:

  • Select the applicable code based on the main topic of the incoming call – this is the current process and remains unchanged
  • These codes are listed in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Servicing under the MSP Helpful Hints section

These Comment Codes may be logged to the system from either the SER1 screen or the SER2 screen.  

This procedure update does not change other loan documentation requirements.  Continue adding extended comment notes when applicable by accessing the SER1 screen and pressing the <F5> shortcut key to access the SERN screen.

Beginning April 1, 2022 Quality Assurance (QA) will incorporate a review of this process change.  Feedback will be provided to supervisors and managers for coaching opportunities.

QA scoring for this category becomes effective with the May 2022 scorecard calendar.

Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.