April 10, 2022: Cell Phone Number Disclaimer and Obtain Customer Consent - Interim

When updating a customer’s phone number and the number is for their cell phone:

  • The disclaimer shown below must be read verbatim to the customer
  • Customer must provide verbal acknowledgement and consent to be contacted on their cell number


Ask the customer if the number they are updating is a Cell Phone Number.  

If Yes, speak the verbatim disclaimer to the customer:


“By providing your cell phone number, we may contact you in the future through an automated dialer, with pre-recorded messages and send text messages.  May we have your consent?”

If customer says Yes:

  • Access the Borrower/Address Information Screen
  • Input the Phone Number in the Cell Phone Type Field
  • Check the box on the TCPA Consent field

If customer says No:

  • Advise the customer we cannot add or update a cell phone number without their consent to the information advised in the disclaimer

Document the action taken on the Memos screen.

The procedure referenced in this newsflash has been published in KnowledgeOwl for Interim Servicing and Servicing911 by navigating to: Home >> Update Customer Cell Phone Number  or  Click Here