April 12, 2021: Retained Loans - Updating a Temporary Mailing Address

A new procedure for Updating Temporary Mailing Addresses for retained loans has been published.

View the content of this information in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Loans by navigating to: 

Home >> Account Maintenance >> Customer Contact Information >> Updating Mailing Address


View the content shown below.

Screen:  MAS1 ADD3

Comment Code:  CSSADD - Customer Requested Mailing Address Change

To update a temporary or seasonal mailing address

If the customer advises that they receive mail at a temporary location, update the address in the seasonal address fields.

  • Navigate to MAS1/ADD3
  • Press F8 
  • Enter the Start and Stop Date
    • The Start Date should be the current date; unless the borrower advise they would like it to start at another time. 
      • Note: We start retroactively 
  • The Stop Date should be entered per the date the Borrower request 
  • Enter the address in the corresponding fields https://dyzz9obi78pm5.cloudfront.net/app/image/id/607086e48e121ced14df9a0c/n/1617987300308.png

If the temporary address is a foreign address, enter a Y in the foreign mailing address field.

Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.