April 2, 2021: Retained Loans - New Action Required with Loan Pop

ServiceMac implemented an updated version of the Loan Pop application.  This is the pop-up window providing loan data when incoming calls are received on retained servicing loans (image shown below).

NEW Action Required: A new section – Borrower Authentication – has been added to the loan pop window with options that must be selected when answering incoming calls.  

The selections on the radio buttons include:

  • Borrower
  • Coborrower
  • Other

You must select the correct option for all incoming retained servicing calls.

IMPORTANT!  Data appearing in the Loan To Value section of the Loan Pop window is not accurate.  

DO NOT reference the Loan To Value figures on the Loan Pop window when speaking with customer or reviewing loans for eligibility of PMI Removal, Escrow Removal or other procedures requiring review of the Loan To Value ratio.  

Always review Loan To Value ratios in MSP – not the Loan Pop window.  ServiceMac is aware of this issue.


Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.