April 26, 2021: Interim Servicing Billing Statements Did Not Print Transaction Activity Data

Billing statements generated in FICS on April 15, 2021 for 479 interim serviced loans do not reflect receipt of the customers’ most recent mortgage payment. 

The Transaction Activity section on these statements incorrectly reflects a date range of “4/16/21 – 4/15/21”.  As a result, payment data since the last billing cycle was not captured and included on these statements. 

All other information on these statements is accurate.  

If customers contact us with questions:

  • Advise there was an error when these statements were generated and recent transaction activity did not print
  • Review the Histories screen in FICS and confirm for customers the date Fairway received their most recent payment
  • Generate a loan history if customers request written documentation of their payment transaction
  • Apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this matter caused

Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.