August 20, 2021: Retained Servicing Training Video: Escrow Refund Refresher Published in KnowlegeOwl

A refresher training video covering escrow refunds has been published in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Servicing.

Please take time to watch this two-minute training video for important procedural information regarding escrow analysis statements, overage checks and mailing dates to provide to customers.

View this video in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Servicing by navigating to:

Home  >>  Training  >>  Popcorn Training  >>  Escrow Refund

Note: The training video displays documents branded as Movement Mortgage.  Please be assured our customers will receive all documents branded as Fairway.

This refresher covers the following:

  • Review the ANA1 LAST screen in MSP to determine if an escrow overage resulted from the most recent completed analysis
  • View disbursement of the escrow overage on the loan history (P309 or SER1/HIST)
  • Escrow specialists have 30 days from the date of analysis to review, confirm and mail the completed analysis and any overage
  • Once confirmed by the escrow specialist, the file is sent to the print vendor where the analysis statement and overage check are printed and mailed 
  • Print vendor advises the date these items were placed in the mail, and this mail date is viewable on the PL05 screen in MSP
  • Imaged copies of the analysis and check are viewable in DMS, and the date the file was uploaded to DMS is the date customers can view this statement in the online portal