Branch Office Loss Draft Endorsement

Fairway branch offices are authorized to endorse loss draft insurance claim checks for customers whose loans and insurance claims meet the criteria listed below.

1. Review the criteria shown below to determine if the loan qualifies for branch endorsement of a loss draft insurance claim check:

  • Interim serviced loans that have not been assigned/sold to a new MSR servicer/investor
    • In FICS, view Miscellaneous Field 111 "New Servicer Data File Date (Date)"
      • The field must be blank - no sale date - in order to qualify for branch endorsement of loss draft check
      • If there is a date populated in this field (past date or future date) the branch cannot endorse the loss draft check
    • This is not the same as the transfer effective date
  • Retained serviced loans
  • Amount of the total insurance claim is less than or equal to
    • $40,000.00 for Conventional, FHA and VA loans
    • $20,000.00 for RHS and USDA
  • Loan must be current on monthly payments (due for the current month)

2. Based on the review of the above-referenced criteria, advise the following:

  • If Current on monthly payments (due for current or future month), proceed to the step 3 in this procedure 
  • If Delinquent on monthly payments (30 days or greater past due):
    • Advise the branch they are not able to endorse the check due to the loan status
    • Inform branch of the procedure for customers to send the insurance claims check to the applicable location depending on servicing status of the loan:
      • Interim servicing - Fairway Corporate Escrow Department
      • Transferred servicing – to customer’s current servicer
      • Retained servicing - Insurance Claims Processing Center (National General) 

3. Obtain the following information from the branch regarding the insurance claim:

  • Date the property damage occurred
  • Cause of the property damage
  • Dollar amount of the total damage claim – not just the initial claim check amount
  • Copy of the Adjustor’s Worksheet - required

4. Submit the request for approval to endorse the loss draft claims check by email to Ryshika King and cc Dewanna Richard (Supervisor and SVP/Manager)

  • They will review the request, submit to escrow, and will advise when approval to endorse is provided
  • Once Supervisor and/or SVP provides approval to endorse, proceed to the next step in the procedure

5. Endorsement Verbiage:

Only Fairway Branch Managers or Company Officers are authorized to endorse a loss draft claims check.  

  • Loan Officers are not authorized to endorse a loss draft check unless they are a branch manager or an officer of the corporation

Determine if the check is made payable to Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation or ServiceMac.  Provide the applicable endorsement verbiage.

Endorsement Verbiage for Fairway - if payee information is to the customer and Fairway:

_________________________ (Signature of authorized Fairway employee on this line)    


            By: <Print the name of authorized Fairway employee endorsing check>

            Title: <Authorized employee’s title>


 By: John Smith

            Title: Fairway Branch Manager

Endorsement Verbiage for Retained Loans - if payee information is the customer and ServiceMac:

_________________________ (Signature of authorized Fairway employee on this line)    


            By: <Print the name of authorized Fairway employee endorsing check>

            Title: <Print the authorized employee’s title>

            Under POA for ServiceMac LLC


 By: John Smith

            Title: Fairway Branch Manager

                        Under POA for ServiceMac LLC

6. After Branch Endorses Check:

Once the branch endorses the check, the branch office must provide the following information to Servicing911 via email or fax: 

  • Front and back copy of endorsed insurance claim check
  • Copy of Insurance Adjustor’s Worksheet, required

7. Servicing System Documentation Requirements

Servicing911 must document the following information on the loan in FICS for interim serviced loans and in MSP for retained servicing loans:

  • Name of Fairway branch employee endorsing the check
  • Fairway branch number
  • Date the check was endorsed
  • Date the check was issued
  • Dollar amount of the check issued
  • Check number issued
  • Total dollar amount of damage  claim

8. Upload Documentation to Radstar/FICS (Interim) or DMS (Retained)

If the loan is in interim servicing, upload the documentation to Radstar/FICS:

Naming convention: Loan Number_Group_Number_Group Description 

Example: 0123456789_01_Notice_Of_Transfer 

Group Number

Group Description


Notice of Transfer


Amortized Loan Statement


T&I Disclosure


Loss Payee 


Loan History


Payoff Statement


Verification of Mortgage


1099 C


1099 INT




Cash Management


FHA-VA Uninsurable Notification


Loss Mitigation


Short Year Statement


OR HB 4204 Disclosure


414 Letter - Notice of New Creditor

Save the document to the following location: 


If the loan is in retained servicing, upload the documentation to DMS:

  • Navigate to Document Management System (DMS):
  • Select Log In
  • Use Daas login if it doesn't auto populate
  • Click the search icon at the top of the screen


  • Input the loan number
  • Click on the customer's  name when it appears
  • Select the "+ Upload Loan Document" button at the top of the screen


  • Select the appropriate Document Type from the dropdown


Most common document types include:

340-Qualified Written Response

2028- Customer Resolution

  • Select Browse For File button and attach the document


  • Select Create Document button to upload document


Helpful note: The "Need help?" option under the question mark at the top of the screen does provide a list that contains the Document Types, Document Categories/Cabinets and Vendor Permitted Document Types.