Call Center Script - Fairway Privacy Breach

Shown below is a sample script to use when speaking with customers impacted by this privacy breach.  

Remember: If customers request specific details about the privacy breach or need assistance enrolling in the Experian IdentityWorks credit monitoring program, request a callback from the Fairway Privacy Response Team.  Click Here for the callback procedure.  

<Begin Script Here>

“The letter you received is a legitimate and valid communication from Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.  We are informing you of a breach of personably identifying information, including financial information.  We recognize this situation can be concerning and we are offering important safeguards to provide you with key protections and important information you need. We sincerely apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this matter has caused. 

If you have concerns regarding the validity of the letter, we ask you to reference the official Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporate website at and refer to the “Contact Us” page where you will find the number you dialed, (800) 201-7544,  under the “Loan Servicing” contact information. 

Fairway is offering you an option to sign up for five years of complimentary credit monitoring – paid for by Fairway – through a service called IdentityWorks offered through Experian.  The letter provides you the web address to enroll in Experian IdentityWorks and a unique activation code assigned specifically to you.  Please review the information contained in this letter regarding details of the program, and you must enroll in IdentityWorks by June 30, 2021 using the unique codes provided to you.

Fairway has a dedicated Privacy Response Team consisting of subject matter experts available to answer detailed questions you may have regarding this matter.  They are also available to assist you with enrollment in the Experian IdentityWorks credit monitoring program and answer any questions you may have.  

Would you like for me to request an expert from our Privacy Response Team to call you?”

IF YES:  “Great.  Please provide your contact phone number and the best time for our Privacy Response Team to reach you.”

[Obtain information from customer and repeat information back to customer to confirm accuracy]

“Thank you for providing this information.  I am forwarding this request to the Privacy Response Team now, and you will receive a return phone call within the next 24 hours.  

Please be advised that most of Fairway’s employees are working remote at this time, and the caller identification on the returned call from our Privacy Response Team may not display the name of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

If they reach your voicemail, they will provide their name and a direct phone number for you to call them back.”

IF NO:  “Ok, and thank you.  Please thoroughly read through the letter you received – if you have not already done so – as there are phone numbers and websites for additional resources you may find beneficial at this time.  

Fairway is committed to providing you the best assistance during this time, and please do not hesitate to call us back if you would like for a Privacy Response Team specialist to further assist you.

[Complete the call using established call flow procedures]