Complaints Definitions

Updated October 2021:

Complaint means any solicited or unsolicited communication, whether written (including email) or oral, from a consumer or someone authorized to act on the consumer’s behalf that expresses a grievance and alleges that Fairway or an authorized party acting at the direction of Fairway, acted improperly, unfairly, or deceptively, failed to act properly, or discriminated with a product or service of FIMC. 

Complaint does not include:

  • Inquiries or requests for information that do not contain a grievance and/or allegation regarding Fairway’s conduct
  • Feedback not related to a product or service offered by Fairway
  • Expressions of opinion
  • Regulatory disputes stemming from regulatory exam findings
  • Credit reporting disputes
  • Feedback that cannot be sourced to an identifiable consumer and cannot be reviewed or investigated due to a lack of identifiable information
  • Media inquiries