Customer Email Notification Verbiage - September 22, 2021

LogicGate Incident - Customer email notification verbiage

Dear Customer Name,

On April 7, 2021, we were notified by one of our third-party service providers, LogicGate, that it had been the victim of a security incident. LogicGate is a top risk management software vendor that helps thousands of companies manage risk and maintain compliance.  Through this compromise, the bad actor was able to find and decrypt certain files stored in LogicGate’s Risk Cloud backup environment, including some of Fairway’s files.   Unfortunately, your private information may have been impacted taken in this incident.

In accordance with the applicable state laws, we’ve attempted to notify you via the United States Postal Service.  However, your notification letters were returned to us as undeliverable.  Consequently, we decided to try providing you the notification via email.  The attachment to this message is an electronic version of the notification letter which provides further detail about the incident, and an offer of Identity Theft Protection at no cost to you.  The notification letter also contains information about how you can further protect your identity.

We recognize that opening an attachment to an unexpected email entails some risk to you.  So, we encourage you to verify that this is a legitimate message by contacting Fairway Independent Mortgage Customer Service at (800) 201-7544, available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CDT, Monday – Friday. 

Ted Layne

SVP IT Shared Services/CSO

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

4201 Marsh Lane

Carrollton, TX 75007

Phone (469) 209-7539

Fax (866) 633-7069